Lombard Lilac Parade

Friends of ours invited us to the Lombard Lilac Parade which was held on Sunday 5-21-17. My husband, Tom, and I were both raised in Lombard, and had been to many a parade in the past and were delighted to join them. Thinking initially on taking just a few photos, then enjoying the festivities, as usual (especially in this type of venue) I just kept on shooting pictures. Most of these images are zoomed in (several at 10x) on an iPhone7plus, so they are not as clear as they could be and I left the parade a little early so I missed the princess (and her court). My apologies on both counts.

"Three of the best"
Although there were thousands upon thousands of people attending the parade when I took this picture, I got this shot with no one in the background. From left to right: Jim Norris, Mike Brzezinski (standing) talking with his wife, Jackie Brzezinski.
[For those interested, this shot was post-produced with a Topaz texture filter called Hard Days Night.]

A woman ventures in to the street for a better shot.

After I saw the girl with the heart shawl walking toward me (a great pattern for black and white) coinciding with the start of the parade, I said a quick prayer that I might be able to capture a good forefront image. Looking over the pictures after returning from the event, it was evident someone had answered my prayer, as this is one of the best photos I could ever imagine taking. Today my husband said maybe my guardian angel took the shot. I'll accept that as a strong possibility. 

Being raised at 44 South Third, Lombard, this engine brought on a smile.



Clowns are so iffy. Are they funny or just strange?

Shriners acting like little kids while kids look on in bewilderment. 



"Girl on horseback"

"High five"


What are these? They reminded me of lion fish.

A beautiful family enjoying the parade.

You are never too old to be young again.


"Returning back"

At this point in the parade, I had packed away my cellphone camera, but quickly grabbed my fixed lens Nikon (which was hanging around my neck) and took a few snaps as this was an amazing group. I was too far away to get anything I thought would be of value, but nevertheless I searched the few shots I had and found this image (which has been heavily cropped for interest). 

A veteran of the Navy, Jim Norris waved and cheered every flag that went by, and cheered for everyone else as well. I enjoyed his participation in the parade as much as the parade itself. Thank you for the invite!

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