Today we met Jeff

One thing great about not having a car is you meet more people and see more situations up close and personal. Yesterday, I passed by a shopping cart that was loaded to the brim with items neatly organized in Jewel canvas bags. All was covered with a nice-looking blue tarp and topped with a bright green plastic yard chair. No picture was taken because there was no owner by the cart, there was no life to it; no heartbeat so to speak. But today we met the man behind the cart, and his name is Jeff, and he seems to be as friendly and polite as his cart is colorful.

After Jeff found out about my hearing impairment, he showed me his sign language prowess. That is the letter "b," but he admitted he'd forgotten most of it though.

A friend of ours, Maggie, was in the same area of the store, enjoying her morning beverage and talking to my husband, Tom, as well. 

Management approached and Jeff put on his coat and left promptly.

 We needed to get off to Mass ourselves, so we bid Maggie farewell, and asked Jeff if he needed somewhere to temporarily park his cart. We thought maybe McDonald's did not want it in their lot, but that wasn't the issue, and Jeff said he needed to get to the DMV anyway, to get a state ID.

He asked Tom the directions and received same. The DMV is 2.5 miles away, about a 50 minute walk, but the loaded cart would surely slow Jeff down.

Jeff prepared for his journey, and we prepared for ours too (ours being less than a mile away).

If ever there was an image that wanted to be taken in color, this would be at least one of them.

On our way biking home from Mass, Tom asked if I wanted to go with him to 7-11. He needed a snack for work. As we approached, Jeff was in front of the store talking with a pretty blonde lady. She went to her car about the same time the poor unfortunate who was getting a ticket (or warning) pulled away. The police were not there to talk to Jeff (that we know of), but we imagine they noticed his cart! In about an hour's time, Jeff had traveled two blocks. While Tom mentioned management at McDonald's was not necessarily friendly toward Jeff [he detected "tone"], still we hope he does return. As far as getting to Lombard before the DMV closes, it could have been close. We wished Jeff the best.

God is good! Enjoy your gift! Keep shooting!

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